Best Keyboards for the Nexus 10

If you just received your Nexus 10 for Christmas, congratulations!  Unfortunately, there’s been no news of an official Nexus 10 keyboard from Google or Samsung.  But fortunately, there are still a ton of options out there for you.  Since the Nexus 10 supports HID profiles, almost any Bluetooth keyboard will work with the Nexus 10 with some exceptions.  The reality is, that right now the iPad dominates the tablet market, so a lot of keyboards are designed with the iPad in mind.  Most of these will still work with the Nexus 10, you just won’t have access to some of the shortcut keys.

Another good option is a keyboard case, which gives you protection and a keyboard in one unit.  We have an article that’s still fairly relevant that covers the best keyboard cases for the Nexus 10:

For those who already plan on getting another kind of case, here are some of the best keyboards for the Nexus 10 that we have covered so far.


Motorola Keyboard with Stand

Motorola Keyboard with Stand


This is definitely one of the most well-constructed keyboards we’ve come across.  It’s designed by Motorola for Android devices, so it works very well with the Nexus 10.  It also comes with a stand that you can perch your tablet on when it’s in use, so you get two birds with one stone.  It’s also incredibly thin and light.


ZAGGkeys Flex Keyboard

This keyboard is also constructed very well, and is made by ZAGG.  This keyboard also incorporates a stand for the Nexus 10, and that stand also doubles as a protective case for the keyboard itself which is really cool.


Logitech Tablet Keyboard
Logitech Tablet Keyboard

This keyboard is made by the best in the business when it comes to peripherals.  The keyboard has a case for itself which also doubles as a stand for your Nexus 10.  The keys are an absolute dream to type on and Logitech’s warranty and customer service is excellent.


SwiftKey 3 for Tablets
SwiftKey Black Friday Sale

And finally, if you’re looking for a better on-screen keyboard for your new tablet, SwiftKey makes an excellent software keyboard that gives you tons of features, including swipe-typing functionality, multiple language support, themes, and the ability to split your keyboard in half for better landscape typing.  There’s usually sales going on for this too, but it’s worth every penny even at full price.


Keep checking back to our blog for updates on all the latest Nexus 10 keyboards!

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