KHOMO Leather Keyboard Case for Nexus 10

I’m impressed with this one!  KHOMO is out of the gate with their leather keyboard case offering for the Nexus 10, which does include the keyboard!

Right off the bat you can tell this case is thin and stylish.  It’s made from a PU leather and has a microfiber interior, which are the hallmarks of most plain cases available for the Nexus 10 today.  Of course, this case adds a little something extra.  Actually, a lot of extras.

Firstly, it does include a Bluetooth keyboard, which is pretty decent.  It’s not chiclet keys, but it still looks comfortable to type on.  There is an on/off switch to control battery life, and it seems to be rechargeable with a Micro USB port on the side.

The case also functions as a stand for your tablet, and actually includes the 360 degree swivel to get it just how you want.  That’s a rarity these days, so I’m glad KHOMO decided to pony up the extra effort and include that for everyone.  This case also has sleep/wake functionality, which is also pretty awesome.  Once you have a case that does that, you’ll never want to hit your power button again.

KHOMO is currently taking pre-orders and currently have it discounted as an incentive.  Make sure to order yours ASAP and they should begin shipping out on December 5th, 2012!

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