Poetic Keyboard Case for Nexus 10 1

Poetic is the next to the part with their take on a folio-styled keyboard case for the Nexus 10.  This case combines a premium leather-like material with a removable Bluetooth keyboard that will make productivity from your Nexus 10 a lot easier and more efficient.  The built-in stand allows you to keep your Nexus propped at the perfect angle to type to your heart’s content.

The keyboard on this case is also spill-resistant, so in the case of an accident, you should be okay with no permanent damage.  When the front flap is closed, your screen is protected like any other traditional folio case.  The case itself is extremely thin, light, and smooth with a very minimalistic look.  It has cut-outs for all buttons, ports, and cameras too.

Poetic also honors their 3 year warranty on this case, which I always say is a great peace of mind for 3 years.

Poetic is currently taking pre-orders for this keyboard case at a huge discount, so if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to jump off and grab one of these while they’re on sale.  They should begin shipping out on December 7th, 2012, so get your’s ordered before then to get the discount!

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    PEDAZO DE FUNDA, y pedazo de pole!

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